Woman Wants To Swim Like Mermaid…

Hi there…

Just couldn’t help but comment on this strange news story. A 50-year-old woman from New Zealand with a birth disorder affecting her legs so they didn’t develop properly has asked WETA’s prosthetics group to develop a mermaid’s tail for her to swim like a mermaid.

Here’s a link to the story: http://www.frostfirefizz.com/woman-with-no-legs-is-having-a-mermaids-tail-made-to-help-her-swim

What I find interesting is:

#1 – Who knew WETA did prosthetics?
#2 – The fact that this 50 year old swimmer has a birth defect didn’t stop her from swimming competitively in school (this is very cool by the way) and she’s been swimming ever since
#3 – Does this mean that other folks are going to want unique prosthetics? Will folks be asking for flippers to replace missing feet? Or alien claws for hands? This could open up whole new interesting venues for those born different or who lost limbs in accidents to make themselves even more unique!

Anyway… Thoughts? Anybody?


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