This Ticks Me Off… Autistic Kindergartener Voted Out of Class!?!?

Hi all…

Ok, this is a break from our regularly scheduled programming… But this clearly falls into a “What the…” category.

A 5 year old boy in Florida was voted out of his kindergarten class 14-2 by his peers, put to a vote by their teacher. Now… Even if this kid didn’t have any medical issues to contend with, this would be a horrific thing to do. But this kid is autistic (Ausperger’s Syndrome), diagnosed with ADHD, and other issues. Why in the heck would a teacher do this to a kid?

You can read more about this story here at CBS.

But as a parent of two young daughters, one in 1st grade and one who will be going into kindergarten in a couple of years, this is just insane. Talk about being the formative years for a kid — kindergarten sets it all off. If you don’t have a caring, safe environment to learn in kindergarten – you’re going to end up with a mess of kids going forward.

My sister has taught kindergarten and 1st grade and I know some of the preparation and caring that goes into a typical kindergarten year — to subject your kids to this kind of abuse is unimaginable to me.

Anyway… Check it out, let me know what YOU think about this outrageous activity by a kindergarten teacher who thinks she’s done nothing wrong.




  1. The teacher has no right to give the children the authority to choose if a child should receive education or not! I’m not sure about American law because I live in the Great White North, but doesn’t every child have the right to education?

  2. Yeah… Every child has the right to education. The fact that this teacher did what she did to me should get her fired. But that’s just me. Evidently the international outrage over this incident is huge.

    Can you imagine how scarred some of the kids will be for having to vote in such an outrageous way against a fellow student? Even in kindergarten, I don’t know how much damage this could have possibly done. But it’s possibly going to make their future even more uncertain.

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