Beer Drinkers Rejoice!

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For far too long, the world has been touting the health properties of wine. Yeah, so it’s got anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. Beer tastes good and makes (many) men and women happy. Soon this argument may be a thing of the past!

Dark Brauhaus Lemke beer in glass.

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Some researchers from Rice University have devised a way to use genetic engineering to create a beer with reservatol’s disease-fighting properties. Huzzah!

Evidently the idea is that they genetically engineer a type of yeast that would not only be used to ferment beer, but infuse it with reservatol at the same time. Yay! Healthy beer! A whole new reason to enjoy this very hoppy alcoholic beverage!

You can read more about this amazing development at CrunchGear and Computerworld.

Beer drinkers rejoice! In a few years, perhaps the wine vs. beer health debate will be closed forever! <insert evil laughter here>


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  1. @Petra & @SizzlingPopcorn: Yes, beer is definitely good — in moderation! 🙂 Have to agree with Jean here. I’ve seen the road turn ugly with a few folks who regularly hit the bottle too often myself, so I understand the downside. However, I’m a firm believer in the “everything in moderation” rule. I love having a good beer with dinner or after a tough day. It’s a reward, not a crutch, but it’s definitely a slippery slope.

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