Amusing Reflections on the Costs of Traveling to Conferences…

Hi there…

With a show of hands… How many folks have traveled for business? Either for sales, conferences, or some other purpose. Yeah, I thought so…


Over the last few years I seem to average about 1 major trip a year… This year’s trip was last week to California for a technical conference. I got to schmooze and chat with as well as listen to folks from all over the world talking about this software engineering stuff that I do during the day.

I came home yesterday and was absolutely exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep. Was falling asleep on both planes, which I never do. And then I woke up this morning and discovered…

I’d gained 5 pounds.

Now… This isn’t really a shock. I’m not exactly in great shape and I like to eat. Pretty much all I did was eat, drink coffee, soda, or beer, stand around or sit and chat with all these various people. Met some great folks too! But evidently all that eating and drinking and sitting around didn’t do much for my waistline. There’s a shock.

So it’s back to the gym this week while my wife and girls head off to Wyoming (Grand Tetons) for Spring Break.

I know there are lots of blogs out there where people are documenting their weight loss and workout progress… I think I’m going to start doing that myself, just so I can be held accountable for my actions. We joined a gym last month (Villasport, which is a great place) and I was going 2-3 times a week until I went on this trip. Guess it’s time to buckle down on my diet and kickboxing plan!

Anybody have any suggestions on where to start? I’m 37, about 40 pounds overweight, and want to slim down for my 20 year high school reunion in July. I’m very open to thoughts on how to get this party started. 🙂



  1. Documenting your weight loss? Very Bridget Jones 🙂

    My only suggestion would be to keep it healthy! Eat well and in smaller portions and exercise. If you don’t want to be in the gym, then just do more active things like playing with your kids outside, taking your dog for longer walks, etc. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Maria… First time I think I’ve ever been compared to Bridget Jones… Not sure what I think about that. 🙂

    I just figure if I document it somewhere public, I’ll feel more accountable for my actions and those cookies or the huge steak won’t be as much of a temptation because I’ll have to talk about it. 🙂

    All good ideas. The weather will improve here soon, so hopefully we CAN spend more time outside. 🙂

  3. One problem with trying to reduce what you eat is the large portion sizes at restaurants. A tall beer was 26 ounces at the conference. A small side of fries would feed a family for a day in most third world countries. I’m just thankful we weren’t in Texas.

    One tip to pass on. Ignore your weight. Pay attention to how your cloths fit. Lossing five pounds means little. Tightening your belt a notch is success.

  4. Very true. Portion control is definitely a key. And focusing on the big picture (belt notches vs. day to day pounds) is also a good thought. I’m back to where I was before the trip already just because we don’t eat as much at home as we did on the trip.

    I’m partial to my late grandfather’s approach to calorie counting… If you have 5 things on your plate, that’s 5 calories. 🙂

    Thanks for “weighing in” on the topic. 🙂

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