When are your favorite shows starting up in 2009?

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Ain’t It Cool News just posted an amazingly detailed list of shows that are starting up again in 2009. (You can see the full list here.) I just thought I’d provide a list of the shows I’m excited about or have been watching (a subset of the full list).

  • Scrubs (TV series)
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    Scrubs (ABC) Jan. 6

  • Flashpoint (CBS) Jan. 9
  • American Idol (Fox) Jan. 13
  • Supernatural (CW) Jan. 15
  • Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) Jan. 16
  • Fringe (Fox) Jan. 20
  • Lie To Me (Fox) Jan. 21
  • Burn Notice (USA) Jan. 22
  • Last Templar (NBC) Jan. 25
  • Heroes (NBC) Feb. 2
  • Chuck (NBC) Feb. 2
  • Life (NBC) Feb. 4
  • Dollhouse (Fox) Feb. 13
  • Reaper (CW) March 17

We’ve been watching Scrubs for a few seasons now and I have to admit we’re hooked on the upbeat sarcasm. I’ll be curious to see if moving it to ABC changes the show’s vibe.

Flashpoint was a surprise when it aired in late summer or early fall. Though it’s a bit formulaic, it’s the characters that will make me tune back in to see what happens to this SWAT team in Canada.

American Idol you ask… Yes, we’re Idol fans. Not rabid, dial every week a million times kind of fans, but still fans. We’ll see if this year is as good as last.

cast of dollhouse
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Supernatural is another show that we’ve been watching since the beginning. Sam and Dean are now trying to stop the Apocalypse. Who could ask for more?

Battlestar Galactica enters its last season in January. We’ve been waiting for far too long and dare to dream that it will end in fantastic fashion.

Fringe hooked us this fall and hasn’t let go yet. Each episode we enjoy the banter between Walter and his son and look for new clues to the Pattern along with everyone else.

Lie to Me looks like it might be Fox’s answer to the Mentalist. I’m a big fan of Tim Roth (ever since Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, one of my favorite movies) and can’t wait to see what he has cooked up for this character.

Burn Notice continually teaches me new ways to look cool and act like an ex-spy.

And the Last Templar looks like a bit of Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones or the Da Vinci Code. We’ll see if it keeps my interest.

The Heroes/Chuck tandem has worked well on Mondays for quite a while and I’m hopeful that Heroes gets back on track. We’re about 6 episodes behind at the moment (thank you Tivo), so hopefully we’ll be caught up!

Life is another show who’s quirky characters and interesting story lines keep us coming back.

Dollhouse has Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku once again matched up for a show (hasn’t happened since Buffy and Angel). We’ll see if Whedon has better luck with dolls than with westerns in space.

And Reaper is just plain fun. Sam as the Devil’s inept bounty hunter with his friends (Sock is our favorite — his brand of sarcasm and wit always makes us smile).

Of course… This could all just be a pipe dream if the SAG goes on strike in January. But who knows? Happy thoughts… Happy thoughts…

What shows are you excited to see return to television in the new year? Let me know!


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