Rough weeks…

Hey all… Is it just me or has this year been a bit rough?

Both of my parents have been ill, one to the point of being in intensive care for a month. I’ve lost my two surviving grandparents and been to their funerals. We went through a refinance of our house. My car has quit twice — once when the battery quit the day I decided to drive to the office — and once last week when I was supposed to pick up my eldest daughter at a summer program. The latter is going to cost me $4k and 2 weeks of work to basically rebuild the engine…

I’m hoping that at some point the year improves, ’cause so far 2007 has blown chunks.

Anybody else had this issue? Let me know!



  1. Only thing I can really gripe about is my manager. Of course, I could do that for a long while.

    Doesn’t really compare at all to the road you have been on, but it is there.

  2. Yes. Work is definitely a PITA at times. But I don’t know any job that wouldn’t be at points.

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