Jar Jar Binks, the Best Thing Ever to Hit Star Wars!

Hi all…

Yes, I know I’m only stating the obvious. Jar Jar Binks, that loveable Gungan from his native Naboo, is everybody’s favorite character from Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3. Thanks George for creating his winning personality!

Jar Jar Binks

What do we know about Jar Jar?

Well, he’s grace personified under pressure. He has a beautiful singing voice. And he has a ton of political influence in the Republic. What else is there that we need to know? Nothing. That pretty much sums it up. His political career was untarnished by questionable practices. He truly led a simple, above-board life in the name of the Republic.

Without Jar Jar, I think all three of the Star Wars prequel movies would’ve severely sucked.

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Yes, Jar Jar, we all salute you!


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  1. At last, someone has hailed this wonderful character, or should I say God?

    To think what Star Wars would have been without him, is too much to contemplate.

  2. That’s mighty kind of you. I know he hasn’t gotten much work since Episode 3…

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