Interesting Blog to Read for a new Perspective on the Arab Peoples

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A friend of mine from work forwarded me this link to a very interesting article on a journalist’s perspective regarding the Arab nations that the United States continually tries to help, including Iraq.

Here’s the link:

What I found interesting was the perspectives about slavery. The thought that even though slavery has been “abolished”, there are people who don’t work for a living is totally foreign to me. I was raised that to be successful, you had to work hard and do your best and eventually you might get to your goals. The Arab peoples (some of them anyway) seem to not have that perspective on life.

I also heard from my brother-in-law recently back from a tour of Iraq with the National Guard that many of those in charge don’t want to be seen as “America”-lovers and so will take the hard work that our men and women are doing overseas and tear it apart or let it destroy itself in the harsh conditions without routine maintenance. That’s just insane to me. But I can see it to a certain extent, as anyone with known U.S. ties seems to become a target for the insurgents, and being alive and less fortunate is probably a better thing than being dead.

It’s just interesting. This blog makes some points from a different point of view than we hear from our politicians or the media, so even if you disagree with what it says — give it a read to broaden your horizons.


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