Blog Action Day!

Hi all…

Just thought I’d share my thoughts about the environment on this Blog Action Day.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

So today bloggers around the world are supposed to talk about the environment. It’s a great cause. I just wish people would do less talking and more action. Not that I’m any better in that respect.

The goal is to make the world a place worth living in (quoting Genesis’s Land of Confusion) and somehow we’ve managed to screw that up. Not just us, but our forefathers all the way back to the industrial revolution. And now that we know we’re screwing up the environment, we’re not doing enough to slow it down, let alone stop it or reverse it.

We still sell the same cars and generate pollution in the same ways. So when will big business get on board and give us some alternatives? We live in a consumerist nation — we consume things. So creating the objects of our consumption should be easy enough to fix so that the processes are more environmentally friendly, right?

And then you look at the latest Simpsons movie and the whole thing makes fun of environmentalists — from the pollution in the lake to bottling up Springfield. If the media and popular television and movies are making fun of the environmental efforts — can anybody really be doing enough?

But if you look at the folks who ARE doing enough, like Ed Begley Jr.’s latest venture — Living With Ed (,,HGTV_22056_56190,00.html) you can watch the world make fun of him. He’s been on The Colbert Report and was just blasted for his efforts by Stephen Colbert, among other places.

So the people trying to make a difference are being mistreated and the people who aren’t doing enough are being rewarded (big oil is making record numbers again this year)… Where does that leave us? Stop being consumerists — come on, we can’t do that, we live in the Greatest Nation on Earth — the United States!

But we’re left wondering where we go from here… Any thoughts? Share them!

Good luck and have a great week!


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