Trip Journal: Days 1 and 2

Ludwigsburg Palace, inner courtyard
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Hi all…

So as you may (or may not) know, I’m in Ludwigsburg, Germany this week for a conference for work. Having never been out of the country except for Canada and Mexico, I have to say I was enthusiastic to go. An adventure!

Well, not to gripe too much but jet lag is a pain in the butt. 🙂

The flights were actually the easiest part of the equation, but my arse was sore from sitting on three different planes and multiple seats in four different airports as I either waited for planes or luggage. So quite literally it was a pain in the butt!

As we landed in Zurich, we passed over a Swiss castle on the ground and that was pretty cool. I can highly recommend Air Swiss so far for intercontinental travel. The flight was only half full, I had plenty of room, the staff was extremely nice, and the food wasn’t bad. I’m going to try and watch Journey to the Center of the Earth on their in-flight entertainment system on the way home if I get a chance on Friday. (That is unless I’m passed out cold!)

The Zurich airport was amazing as well. Stuttgart, not so much. They lost our luggage for about 45 minutes as we waited after passing through customs. Just what you want to do after sitting on a plane – sit in the baggage area…

However… Other than that castle, I haven’t seen much more than the inside of planes, a taxi, and the hotel and conference center. Mind you all of these were nice.

But… my body is really telling me I should be asleep.

It’s 8 hours different from here to home in Colorado. As I type this, it’s nearly 8:00am in Germany. That means it’s midnight at home and I should be in bed sleeping. I had a rough time convincing my body to sleep from 7pm to midnight here last night before wandering the hotel a while, checking e-mail, and then trying to go back to sleep after 3am…

However… That said, my presentation is this afternoon so I should hopefully have a bit more free time tomorrow. I read that there’s a castle not far from the hotel, so I hope to go check it out. There’s also a beautiful cathedral I could see across the street. So I’ll be doing a bit of tourist stuff as time allows.

Hope you are doing well… Sorry for the lack of regular content. If I have time and energy, I’ll be writing up a review of Quantum of Solace later. But this week is pretty movie free otherwise (bummer).

Until next time…


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