Semi-wordless Wednesday (Rafting the Arkansas River near Cañon City)

Hi all!

(I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post, but just couldn’t bring myself to not write about the great trip we had!)

Rafting July 7, 2008

The week after July 4th this year, my wife decided it was time to try something new (she’s always having us try new things as the adventurous one she is, and I love that!)… So she found a raft company in Cañon City, CO, that advertised a family float event for ages 1 to 100. This was obviously not a Class 5 rapids kind of event, but would be great for the kids.

So we invited my sister and her little boy, plus all of us, piled into a couple of cars, and headed down south.

Raft Masters is a company down in Cañon City that runs many raft trips a day. I guess the weekend of July 4th was insane.

We arrived a little early and got set up with wetsuits for the kids (to keep them from getting too cold in the 55 degree water) as well as helmets (adults didn’t have to wear helmets for the float, but could if they wanted to) and everybody got splash jackets. We would be floating down with two other families, so we waited as they got all “duded” up.

We hopped on the “Mushroom” bus and headed down to the launch point on the river. We met our guide — Henry (sorry, but I don’t remember the other guide’s name), who is a student at Virginia Tech working on a double degree in Biology & Russian so he can help out at a Siberian Tiger rescue facility somewhere in Russia when he’s done (worthwhile goal!). He was polite, funny, and a great guide. We had a great time.

I’m not sure if the other group (two families on one big raft with the other guide) had as much fun as we did, as they were pretty quiet the entire time. Every time we would hoot or holler, they’d look our direction like we were doing something wrong. Sorry, but we were enjoying ourselves. 🙂

So, long story short, we totally enjoyed our float ride down the Arkansas River. We had a great time with our guide and were already discussing that this trip may have to be an annual thing (and we will be sure to ask for Henry!) for our family.

If you ever are in Southern Colorado and looking for a raft trip, be sure to check out Raft Masters. Everybody there was kind and courteous and we had a wonderful time. They have raft trips for everybody young and old and it looked like some serious white water in other parts of the Arkansas the same day we did our “float” — so if you’re looking for EXCITING (all caps, yes), they definitely can do that!

Thanks to Henry and the rest of the crew at Raft Masters! We hope they have a good rest of their season and we’ll definitely set up to go with them again next year!


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  1. Who were all those people? Thanks for sharing, wish the photo were a full page (I know I’ll see it again…) It sounds like fun for all the group.

    Nobody in the family but me remembers that my Aunt Rene (74 years old now) used to white water raft every summer after her Alcoholics Anonymous intensive week was over..her treat to herself for staying sober. She and Uncle Ted (also AA) will be in Colorado Sept. 30th or so, but just for a day or two. They will be overnight at my place.
    She has quite a few rafting tales!

  2. Yeah, sorry… The big ‘un was too huge to post (nearly 2 megs in size), so I had to shrinky dink it. That’s really funny that Aunt Rene used to white water raft. We had a great time and will most probably go again. 🙂

  3. We had a great time. I definitely recommend starting out slowly like this and building up to the big exciting raft trips. 🙂

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