An Edible Tour of Phoenix – or Gastronomical Delights in the Desert

Hi all…

Last weekend we took a road trip to Arizona to attend my wife’s 20 year high school reunion. We took the girls with us and I think everybody had a good time visiting friends and family. But I wanted to relate a part of the trip that always makes me laugh at myself.

cactusOne of my requirements for any trip back to Phoenix is the ability to hit some of my favorite eateries while we’re there. My mother would tell you this is nothing new or different – we took a tour to the east coast when I was 12 (and my sister was 7) and the only things I wrote down in my journal were what we ate. True story. (I still remember having some delicious, huge, fried jumbo shrimp in Charleston and will eventually have to go back and have a few more.)

So where are my favorite spots? You’d think Mexican food might be on the list, and you’d be right. But funny enough, there’s also deep dish Chicago-style pizza and a pub on the list as well.

First up? Rosatti’s Pizza. Deep dish, amazing crust, amazing sauce, with delicious pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives. Pizza so thick you really have to eat it with a fork. Pizza so good that when you have cold for breakfast the next day, it’s still delicious.  Yum.

Next up? Aunt Chilada’s for Mexican food near Point South Mountain resort. There are two delicious smothered burritos on the menu – the Aunt Chilada Special, which is smothered in red and green sauce – and the Burro Verde, which is smothered in – you guessed it – green sauce only. My wife prefers their chicken chimichanga smothered in the green chile sauce, but I think my fave is still the Burro Verde. The only thing missing was a pitcher of Dos Equis, but we’ll have that another time.

And lastly was one of our family favorite places – Keegan’s. We had their special which was cheesy potatoes, a salad (substituted for their green beans), and a petite filet. The meat was almost fork-tender and we had some raw horseradish to go with it that literally blew our socks off. It’s the kind of hot horseradish that clears your sinuses for a week afterward. Good stuff.

So there you have it… The tour of gastronomical delights in Phoenix for me.

You might ask… so how was the reunion? Well, that’s a topic for another day.

Until next time…

p.s. If you’re interested in reading more about these restaurants or want to know where they are in AZ, check below…

Rosatti’s Ahwatukee

Aunt Chilada’s here and here

And Keegan’s here

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