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There’s a fair amount of buzz surrounding the new Stargate Universe SCI FI series from the creators of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. And because all I’ve seen so far has been a few scattered articles around the ‘net, I thought I’d pull some information together in one post to try and summarize what we’ve heard so far.

First, Stargate Universe will be airing its premiere, 2-hour episode on SCI FI in October 2009. It’s been created by Stargate Atlantis co-creators Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper and the initial episode will be directed by Andy Mikita (Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1) and lensed by Rohn Schmidt (The Shield, The Mist). Evidently the series idea was pitched before the writer’s strike in 2007 and was on hold for a while before they could start working on it. 

Second, the premise behind the show essentially boils down to a Stargate team lost in space. When a group of soldiers, scientists, and civilians are forced through a Stargate to escape an attack, they appear on an Ancient ship. The ship itself is a mystery, as it is locked on an unknown course and can’t return to Earth. And, like all people lost at sea (or in the vastness of space in this case), they have to fend for themselves and find food, water, and air and figure out what’s going on on the ship. 

Now, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I think this sounds suspiciously like Star Trek Voyager crossed with Stargate SG-1. But I’m hopeful that it goes beyond that. The creators say this show will be more “dark and edgy” than the other Stargate series, but we won’t know what that means until we see the series. I know that the success of Battlestar Galactica will most likely have an impact, as it had a dark, sometimes oppressive, always urgent feel to it. The brief teasers we’ve seen so far have given very little away (which is the whole point of a teaser), but I’m hoping we’ll learn more as we get closer.

Third, we know who will be starring in the series. The cast includes Robert Carlyle, Justin Louis, David Blue, Jamil Walker Smith, Brian J. Smith, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ming-Na, Elyse Levesque and Alaina Huffman.

  • Carlyle stars as Dr. David Rush, the leader of the expedition. 
  • Louis portrays Colonel Everett Young, an experienced SG team leader. 
  • Blue sounds like he’ll be sort of a younger, lazy Dr. McKay (David Hewlett). 
  • Jamil Walker Smith will be Sr. Sgt. Ronald Greer, a Marine with a temper. 
  • Brian J. Smith will be Lt. Matthew Scott, a green team member still wet behind the ears. 
  • Phillips will be Col. Telford, the military leader of the expedition. 
  • Ming-Na will be Camile Wray from the IOA – the committe that provides oversight for the Stargate programs. 
  • Levesque will play Chloe Armstrong, daughter and aide of a U.S. Senator. 
  • And Huffman will be the doctor of the expedition as MSgt. Tamara Johansen. 

This is a large cast in my opinion for a SG series. It will be interesting to see which characters the show focuses on, as there’s no way every episode can feature all nine actors. 

And lastly, we know there will be quite a number of guest stars, including some from previous SG series. 

  • Richard Dean Anderson as General O’Neil. O’Neil is the former leader of the elite military team SG-1.
  • Christopher McDonald as a U.S. Senator and head of the International Oversight Committee that governs the Stargate program. He is the father to Chloe Armstrong.
  • Janelle Mone (Bad Boy/Atlantic Records) plays herself in an upcoming episode. Janelle and her band will perform “Many Moons” and “Sincerely,” two songs featured from her latest album titled “Metropolis.”
  • Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter, an astrophysicist and United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson, Stargate’s archeologist and linguist.
  • Gary Jones as Chief Mst Sgt. Walter Harriman, commander technician of the team.
  • And Carlo Rota as Carl Strom, head of the International Oversight Advisory (IOA), the civilian oversight committee that heads up the Atlantis Expedition and all funding.

My sources for this information come from a few places:

I have a few concerns about this series, but am sure I’ll be watching. I’ve been a fan of Stargate ever since the movie came out way back in 1994. The original SG-1 series got off to a rocky start for me, but I was eventually hooked after season 3 or 4. And I have to admit I’ve enjoyed Stargate Atlantis as a guilty pleasure as well. I’m sure it will be entertaining, but I hope it has something new to offer diehard fans and those new to the franchise as well.

Hope this helps a bit to summarize at a high level what’s coming up in October 2009! It helped me!


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