The D&D Cartoon Series

Hi all…

Thought I’d let you know I splurged the other day and ordered a guilty pleasure from my past. I’m an adult, but if I ever get to the point where I don’t enjoy cartoons, I’ve told my family to put me out of my misery. Saturday morning still holds a special allure for me even now (though we seem to be in a repeat-mode on our Saturday WB cartoons these days, so I haven’t seen as many lately).

That said, there was a cartoon a long time ago in a galaxy far far away called Dungeons & Dragons. Those of you who know me know I’m a gamer, and since I loved cartoons this was a natural fit. 🙂

D&D The Complete Animated Series

This was a cheesy series even in the 1980s and they’ve finally released in on DVD (like so many other series… I’ll have to talk about my Ren & Stimy fascination, Danger Mouse addiction, or my Animaniacs & Pinky and the Brain fetish sometime also). It focused on 6 kids who rode a roller coaster and mysteriously got sucked into the D&D world. Each character gained magical talents & abilities — a ranger, acrobat, thief, cavalier, wizard, and barbarian. The series ran from 1983-1986 and I look forward to seeing how it holds up over the years by watching it with my kids (guilty pleasures are sometimes the best kind).

I’m going to watch all of these episodes and then determine if I want to purchase the first in the Dragonlance cartoon movie series that just came out… Dragons of the Autumn Twilight. It’s getting horrible reviews, so I’ve held off. (If anybody’s seen it, please let me know.)

So I’ll write about my experiences watching these cartoons 20+ years later once I get the set. I’m sure I’ve forgotten just how crappy they are in places, but I’m dying to find out. 🙂



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