The Bionic Woman on NBC

Hey all…

Have you seen the new Bionic Woman series on NBC? If not, I would encourage you to take the time and watch an episode or two. Check out their site at and there you can actually watch each of the episodes that has aired so far online.

What to like:

  • Michelle Ryan as Jamie Sommers… She’s attractive in a girl-next-door way, but has an intensity that comes out when she needs it. The character is pretty grounded (especially when trying to raise her teenage sister), but deals with her new abilities in a realistic way. One of my favorite scenes is in the first episode when Jamie finds out she was in an accident and operated on. She totally freaks out, which I thought was very refreshing. It wasn’t a nonchalant attitude like — oh cool, I can bench-press a car — it was oh sh*t, what the heck happened!?!?
  • Katee Sackhoff as Sarah Corvus… Again, she’s attractive, but if you watched the new Battlestar Galactica (also filmed in Vancouver, same as Bionic Woman), you’d have seen that already. What I like about her is that this role is totally different than her role as Starbuck. Sarah Corvus is messed up, but she has a past that we delve into a little at a time. Starbuck is messed up, but in different ways than Sarah.
  • Miguel Ferrer as Jonas Bledsoe… The new “Oscar Goldman” for this show… Bledsoe is a hard man used to making hard decisions, but somehow Jamie gets to him. He has a soft spot for his bionic beauties. We loved Ferrer in Crossing Jordan for years and it’s great to see him in a different setting.

What’s not to like (nitpicks really)…

  • Will Anthros… just… disappeared between the pilot and the next episode. They were burying him in the first few scenes of the second episode, but from how the pilot ends, you think Will survives. It was just a sudden and weird backlash.
  • Cheesy Wire-works… sometimes… The last episode had Sommers running/jumping over a bunch of pits in a factory and it was just too… unreal for me. I kept hunting for the wires.

What’s to love… The world… It’s dark gray… There are good guys and bad guys, but even the good guys go bad sometimes. And choices have consequences, unseen ripples that go through everything.

I hope that the writing stays as good as it’s been. It’s been a heck of a ride so far. Let’s keep it up!


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