Thank Goodness for Tivo…

Hi all…

Sorry for not writing the last couple of days… Been a little crazy.

But I wanted to talk about my addiction… Yes, I’m a Tivo addict. I can’t be the only one. I love having all these shows to watch and being able to zip through the commercials, pause when I am ROFL, and rewind to hear what actors are saying in certain places. Plus, I can watch TV when I want to…

My wife and I typically watch one or two programs a night. Rarely will we actually see anything live, thanks to Tivo. Occasionally we do watch something live and then catch ourselves trying to fast forward through the commercials. 🙂

However… During the writer’s strike, I think Tivo will keep us sane for a while. Eventually the well will run dry, I know. We’re about 5 episodes of Heroes behind (ack!) as well as several others… We try not to fall too far behind, maybe only be a couple of weeks behind. But sometimes it just doesn’t work well. 🙁

Anyway, I love Tivo. I have to come terms with the fact that both of my DirecTV Tivo receivers are dying on me (they spontaneously reboot while we’re trying to watch a recorded show sometimes – very aggravating), so I might have to break down and have DirecTV provide their own boxes to replace ours. But I hope that we will have caught up by then on all our recorded shows.

What about you? Are you a Tivo addict? Should we start TAA — Tivo Adicts Anonymous?

Until next time…



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