Technology: LED TVs (Guest Post by James Mowery)

Much has been said and written about “LED” televisions. This is also the main reason that many people are eagerly purchasing LED TVs. However, it is imperative to understand that the term ‘LED’ can be defined as the backlighting system that is widely used in the latest LCD Television. The term LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The LCD chips themselves are not capable of producing their own light. LCD television pixels must be backlit in order to produce a visible image.

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The LED Technology

LED backlighting plays its role in LCD flat panel TVs in two main ways. These include the Edge lighting and Full-Array technologies.

Edge Lighting

This technology consists of a series of LED backlights that are placed along the outer screen edges of the television. The light is then dispersed across the screen to produce clear images. The advantage of this technology is that it can reduce the width of the screen making it as flat and thin as possible.


Full-Array is another type of LED backlighting technology. It is also one of the most popular techniques applied in the field of LED TVs. The technique involves placing several LED in rows. The lights are located at the rear of the entire screen surface. This technology can also be termed as local dimming which refers to each LED. It can also refer to a group of LED’s that can be turned on and off autonomously within definite screen areas. This enables control over the brightness and contrast of these areas. This actually depends on the source material that is displayed. LCD TVs employ full array backlighting and are known to be thicker when compared to LCD TVs employing an Edge-lit LED light source.

In a nutshell

In case, you are looking forward to purchase an LED/LCD TV, research well on the type of models and brands that utilize the Edge or Full Array techniques. Study the brands when shopping. This will help you decide on the type of LED backlighting that suits your specific requirement and budget.

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