Syfy Summer 2011!

Yes, I know it’s still April, but that means May is just around the corner and then June and by that point summer is usually underway already!

Though Sanctuary, Season 3, just got underway last week and Stargate Universe is heading towards the series finale, fans of the network know they’re not the only shows airing these days. Everybody at my house has been clamoring for more Eureka and Warehouse 13 wondering when they’ll get started again. Well, now I know!

In July 2011, Syfy is airing a mix of new shows and old for our viewing pleasure:

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    Alphas starts Monday July 11 and introduces us to a team of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities who go a bit vigilante. The team, led by Dr. Leigh Rosen (David Strathairn) investigates the cases other agencies can’t. It looks a bit like Wanted meets X-Men.

  • Also new is Legend Quest starting Wednesday July 13 – a reality series where archaeologist Ashley Cowie travels the world trying to find great artifacts from the past. Do you think he can find Excalibur or the Ark of the Covenant? This six episode series seems a bit like a real life Indiana Jones, so I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
  • And Eureka, Haven and Warehouse 13 also hit the airwaves again that week in July! It’s a bit early to set the DVR, but I know ours will be busy that week. 🙂

Also airing will be several new Saturday Original Movies from Syfy. Some of the ones in the past have been real stinkers, but maybe video-game inspired Red Faction: Origins will be more Babylon-5 than bad video game adaptation Doom? Also coming are ice creatures, dragons, killer sharks, and volcanoes. Have you ever noticed that Saturday nights on Syfy usually means something bad is going to happen to the Earth?

We’ll be tuning in to see our favorite shows and to see if there may be some new favorites in the mix as well!


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