Syfy Sanctuary Sneak Peek – “Vigilante”

I’m loving this season of Sanctuary!

Not only do we get more of the original five – Magnus (Amanda Tapping), Tesla (Jonathon Young), Druitt aka Jack the Ripper (Christopher Heyerdahl), Watson (Peter Wingfield), and Nigel Griffin aka The Invisible Man (Vincent Gale) – but we have a new player in the game… Adam Worth (Ian Tracey). Adam was the inspiration for Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde evidently and a real whack job capable of amazing science and equally amazing depravity.

In “Vigilante,” Adam is “helping” the Sanctuary crew find their way into the Hollow World to find a cure for the strange radiation poisoning both Adam and now Magnus are suffering from…

In the next all-new sneak peek clip of Sanctuary, Adam is released from his restraints to take the team to the hidden city. His sinister demise causes the team to feel like he’s cooperating, but they really can’t tell where he’s taking them in his navigation. Will he lead them to what they need or does he have another plan up his sleeve.

Watch the clip and tune in on Friday at 10/9c on Syfy to see if Adam is helpful, a burden, or both!

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