Supernatural – Jus In Bello – Great episode!

Hey all…

Don’t know if any of you are Supernatural fans, but I got to watch last night’s episode “Jus In Bello” from Thursday night and man — that was probably my favorite episode so far of the season. It’s got some hilarious one liners in it from Dean (especially when the FBI agent says “I shot the sheriff” and Dean replies with “But you didn’t shoot the deputy…” — we were ROFL).


It has to do with Bella setting them up to get caught in Monument, CO (gotta love the fact that Monument is only a few miles north of me in Colorado Springs, CO) by the police and FBI agent Henricksen, who’s been hunting them for a long time now. They get surrounded by demons who want them dead (working for the new head demon, Lilith, who we finally get to meet at the end — quite a piece of work that one).

Amazing episode. Great action. Cool special effects. And it’s all on TV. This is one series that keeps me watching week after week when there are new episodes on.

What did you guys think? Any other Supernatural fans out there?



  1. We used to watch all the time but since our TiVo broke we haven’t been able to catch it or keep up with it. I miss it – we always enjoyed it a lot. Glad it’s still keeping up with the quality episodes.


  2. Fitz
    Yes I am a huge Supernatural fan. I have been once since day 1 and my obsession has only grown stronger over the last three years. The next two months are going to be awful without my show. Jensen and Jared rock my world. Their onscreen chemistry is palpable. They are so in sync with each other that the make very believable brothers. And, the show has everything going for it except for high ratings. The writing, the special effects, the storylines, the directing the attention to detail, the acting….I could go on for days. Eric Kripke is the man! He brought this totally fabulous show to the small screen and blessed us with such greatness. It all came together for him and I am so thankful to him for it.

  3. Hey Joan… I agree totally. We’ll hope the network continues to support it for at least another season (I’ve been saying that since 1st season!). 🙂

  4. Scott… So sorry to hear about the Tivo breaking. I’m addicted to Tivo myself and would probably only watch 1/3 as much television (if that) without it. Hope you get it fixed soon!

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