Stargate Atlantis – The Kindred, Pt 1 – Great episode!

Hey all…

It’s amazing to me that I’ve liked Stargate Atlantis since the beginning, but it’s been lacking something since they killed Dr. Beckett. Well, since seeing the promos for The Kindred, we were geeked up to see Beckett back!

SG Atlantis Season 4

This episode revolves around three main plots… Teyla’s search for her people, a mysterious illness spreading through the Pegasus galaxy, and Atlantis’ old friend “Todd” of the Wraith. This is all of course leading up to a season finale of Atlantis (or at least a mid-season finale).

I love the fact that we now have all of these different factions in place. That was one of the cool things about SG-1, that they had the Goa’uld, the Replicators, the Ori, and whatever other miscellaneous bad-guys that happened to be lying about. So they could switch around and alternate.

At the beginning of the Atlantis series, we just had the Wraith… then slowly they added others like the Genii and the Replicators. But we have Michael, the half human/half wraith, Todd, the outcast Wraith with his own group, specific members of the Genii that hate the Atlantis crew, and so on. This allows the writers much more flexibility in telling tales weaving all of this together.

So we’ll see how The Kindred ends up. But with Beckett coming back (no offense to Dr. Keller, played by the fun and beautiful Jewel Staite — loved her in Firefly/Serenity too!, but we were devastated when Beckett died last season), I have high hopes for this one!

What do all you Stargate Atlantophiles think about Beckett coming back?



  1. Yeah, I agree… SG-1 nut here too, but Atlantis has grown on me. Are you excited about the Ark of Truth direct to DVD movie coming out for SG-1?

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