Stargate Atlantis Gone at End of Season, but New SG Universe Next Year?

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My wife and I were sucked into Stargate: SG-1 over the last few seasons of that show and then into Stargate: Atlantis… And this week, we find out that Atlantis is heading the way of SG-1 at the end of this season. Evidently five seasons is enough before you end the TV run and start making direct-to-DVD movies of a franchise.

Stargate (SG-1 & Atlantis)

Atlantis is to bow in January 2009, and a DVD movie will pick up the end of the cliff-hanger episode (you can see that press release here).

According to an MGM press release (available here), Stargate Universe will be the next series to arrive in the Stargate… um… Universe… next summer. Production is to start early next year, with the shows premiering sometime in summer 2009.

Stargate Universe, according to the release, sounds a lot like Star Trek Voyager, which is troubling.

“Wright and Cooper said: “In ‘Universe,’ we plan to keep those elements that have made the franchise a success, such as adventure and humour, while breaking new ground in the relationships between mostly young and desperate explorers, thrust together and far from home. Above all, we believe the Stargate itself remains an enduring icon with infinite potential as a jumping off point for telling stories.”

After unlocking the mystery of the Stargate’s ninth chevron, a team of explorers travels to an unmanned starship called the Destiny, launched by The Ancients at the height of their civilization as a grand experiment set in motion, but never completed.

What starts as a simple reconnaissance turns into a never ending mission, as the Stargate Universe crew discovers the ship is unable to return to Earth, and they must now fend for themselves aboard the Destiny.”

Doesn’t that sound similar to Star Trek: Voyager, which had a very similar premise?

And honestly, Stargate on a spaceship doesn’t really thrill me. The whole idea was that you’d have a base of operations that was consistent, so you could focus on the characters first and the exploration aspect second. This flips it. If you’re constantly exploring… how can you focus on characters? Guess we’ll find out.

Anybody have any opinions on this lovely turn of events? I understand bowing after 10 seasons, but 5 seasons? With the lengthy succcess of SG-1, why wouldn’t you keep the franchise going?


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  1. I have been a scifi fan for many years and almost exclusively when Stargate SG-1 came along. It just seemed to get better and better with a great line of shows like Stargate Atlantis, Dead like me, and Eurica. Then it seemed like they tried to get away from SciFi and started getting into things like ECW, Ghost hunters and animation shows. Well Stargate Atlantis on Friday night was about the only night left that I would tune into the SciFi channel and now that is coming to an end. I guess it’s good by SciFi and start discoverying what else is on the other channels. I’ll come back to see what this Stargate Universe looks like but I’m very disappointed in the programming for the last few years.

  2. @Bobby Yeah, I’m bummed Atlantis will be leaving us too. We’ll see if Universe is worth watching. I’ve been enjoying Sanctuary, but it’s kind of hit and miss. I am however waiting for Torchwood to come up with a 3rd season on BBC America. I got hooked on 2nd season episodes last year and am curious to see what they’ve got planned. We can only hope that SciFi gets their act together to get some new shows in the works that are worth the time!

  3. I fail to understand how I’m supposed to be happy about trading off even one more season of story development for two or three hours of story development. Each television episode is about forty-three minutes long. Another ten episodes would yield over seven hours of storyline, with which the writers could pull the series up by it’s bootstraps. I feel like Sci-Fi channel is trying to sell me some magic beans. I had some hope that Stargate Universe would hold promise, but the more I read about Startate Universe, the more I wish the writers would jump off in an entirely different direction of possibility. Stargate Universe, frankly sounds boring. As a Stargate junkie, I’m confident I’ll tune in to watch no matter how terrible the new show will be, but my expectations for Stargate Universe remain low.

    The problem this introduces is that before the show even airs, there is a perception of anger towards this show. One of the things that really helped Stargate Atlantis succeed was the perception of support that existed between the two shows Startate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, as well as the in-universe cooperation between the Atlantis expedition and the staff of the SGC. To blunder off in this new and, as you point out not-so new (via. Star Trek Voyager), direction cuts off the established support system. If I could change anything, I would change the timing of the cancellation of the Atlantis series in order to help link the upcoming Universe series with the established shows. I’d also like to point out to the writers that what made both successful Stargate series successful was the inherent mystery in the circumstances the characters found themselves in. It seems with Stargate Atlantis too many of those mysteries were unraveled too quickly. It is my great hope that this will not be the case with the upcoming series. Let’s explore Stargate Universe in baby steps, not leaps and bounds. Maybe then the direction the show takes won’t matter as much. It’s often said that ‘half the fun is getting there.’ With any luck, the writers will ease off of the gas pedal this time.

  4. ok i give up i loved sg1 grew to love Atlantis and its cast was looking forward to another season and now this !!!!!!! what is the name and release date of the final dvd of the atlantis series?

  5. @stinaz – According to GateWorld, it’s coming out June 30 – check out their article here. Hope that helps!

  6. Looks like it wants to be battlestar galactica…. Please can they cut the fat kid, he already irritates me, this is serious business ya’ll!

  7. @teeeh – I’m actually hoping that the “fat kid” injects a bit of humor into what looks like a very dark take on Stargate… But we’ll see in October I guess

  8. I agree with the “ST Voyager” analogy. I do have to say Star Trek was based on exploration on a Star Ship. Star Trek came out with DS9 (no Star Ship) and yes I know they had the Defiant but I could never really get into it until Worf showed up and the writers were told to make it “More Star Trek”; More Kligons, things exploding…Not true exploration with things blowing up but it was, to me, a better show at that point.

    SG: Universe? I just don’t know. I’ll have to wait. But I will say after Voyager went through its growing pains in the first season and a half I really loved the show. If SG: Universe is more like a DS9 grasp at keeping Stargate franchise going. Sorry dude one season and goodbye. I will give it a chance.

  9. Well I have to agree. SG-1 was a show that was full of everything that was needed in making a SiFi TV show great. So when they came up with the spin-off of Atlantis I was skeptical at first but the hole concept and story line and what made SG-1 great was also there in Atlantis and I think others would agree but what I think I liked most was that it kept the hole idea and story behind the movie, the same idea and concept that made the SG-1 series such a success. The exploration of the galaxy, the unknown of what lies beyond the symbols punched into the gate. SG-1 and SG Atlantis had everything that was needed to make it successful, suspense, humor, action and the romance that could not be in military circumstance.
    In watching SG-U they have gone the way of Battlestar Galactica which after the first two episodes dropped of my radar and I purposely skipped it. I feel that if the writers continue along this path with so much focus on the emotions of the characters that the show will slow down from its original concept and that people will loss interest. The story lines that are to focus on the adventures of the Stargate will become secondary and that which made Stargate the movie, SG-1 and Atlantis the hit shows that they were and still are will be lost. SG-U will become like Battlestar Galactica, just another SiFi soap opera.

  10. Ihave to agree with peter there…I think that SG-U needs a re-shufflel of script wrighters, there is no,… We want more, cant wait till it comes on again…thay have surly lost the plot as to what we want to see, maybe i`m jumping the gun, and mayber i havent gave it enough time to get into 2nd cear…Now letts see, if i was wrighting the eppisodes, and wanting to put a bit of wow facter into it, what would i want..letts just immagin that…the ship needs to er-charge itself we know, now what if…that after all that time in space it needs to (re-fit) itself…How abought a planet that has all that it needs to do it and imalecularize

  11. i adore stargate with a passion. I am enjoying season 4 as i post this. i’m going to start off watching atlantis pretty in the near future.

  12. @felonious – I actually enjoyed SGU and must have been in the minority, since the series isn’t being renewed for a 3rd season. What did you think about it?

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