Sneak Peek at SciFi Channel’s New Summer Series – Warehouse 13

Hey all…

Yesterday I saw an interesting clip from the SciFi Channel‘s new series Warehouse 13. I’d heard it was coming, but this was the first time I’ve seen anything on or about it.

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The clip isn’t very exciting, but it provides at least a little insight into the new series. Apparently Pete, a Secret Service guy, has been reassigned to Warehouse 13 without his knowledge.

The show will air in July with 11 episodes, so hopefully it’ll last longer than The Dresden Files did (dang I miss Dresden). The revamped Sanctuary has been pretty good so far. And who knows to expect from Stargate Universe.

As always, programming on the SciFi Channel is a bit hit or miss for me. We’ll hope Warehouse 13 is a hit.

You can check out the clip at SciFi Wire here.


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