Save Dresden!

No, not Dresden, Germany… Harry Dresden, wizard at large in the city of Chicago!

Yes, I have to say I’m more than a little disappointed in the Sci Fi Channel for not renewing one of my favorite shows of last year. Because of the show, I started reading the novels… all 9 of them… by Jim Butcher. I’m caught up, but just discovered that there may be a new one on the way in April of next year. YAY!

At any rate… In September, Sci Fi told the world they weren’t renewing The Dresden Files for another season. This has spawned a campaign to save the show…

On Friday, 14 Sep 2007 the Slice of SciFi podcast launched the Bring Back “The Dresden Files” Drum Stick Campaign. This comprises an ongoing effort to bring the Dresden Files back to SciFi by sending drum sticks with the words “SAVE DRESDEN” on them to SCIFI President Bonnie Hammer.

If you’re wondering why it’s drum sticks, it’s because Dresden sometimes uses drum sticks as magic wands. He also uses a hockey stick, so maybe we should just body check the executives at Sci Fi… But anyway…

If you liked the TV series or the books, please do your part to save Dresden. He needs our help!



  1. Love the word profundities! 😀

    As for Dresden Files, we have some good news! For the 1st time since the end of Season 1, Sci-Fi Channel is airing repeats! So, to encourage Sci-Fi – or ANY channel – to pick up the show, we’re asking every single Dresden fan to write a postcard, card, &/or letter to Lionsgate & encourage them to PROMOTE the DVD’s. Why? Because the better the Dresden DVD sales are, the more appealing the series will look for pickup!! More info is posted on the forums at &

    DVD sales = $$ = interest by the industry = return of TDF!!!

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