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Have you heard about the first network television quality show produced specifically for the web? It’s called Sanctuary For All ( So far there are four episodes, but I’m hooked since the first one (downloading the next three while I type this message). The premise is interesting, with cast members from the SciFi Channel’s Stargate series’ (SG-1 and Atlantis) making regular appearances.

Amanda Tapping (famous for playing Samantha Carter on SG-1) plays Dr. Helen Magnus, who runs a hidden lab as a sanctuary for studying interesting supernatural creatures. She is joined by other characters in a rich, but very dark, world. Evil is most definitely evil. And good is, well… gray.

It’s an interesting blend of computer generated effects and live action shots, with the computer effects looking like they’ve come out of a high quality computer game. That’s not a slight in any way against the project IMHO, but just my perception. Using computer or console-quality graphics to further the story is a great way to reduce some of the costs of traditional movie and television special effects while keeping the quality fairly high.

Each “webisode” is $1.99 and a considerable download, as they are filmed in HD. Each of them is at least 300 MB, though you can watch them streamed online also. Downloaded episodes are available in both Windows and Quicktime formats.

I hope that the show succeeds and we see more of this kind of web-only material. I think there’s room for such programming to be very unique and to stretch the bounds of what we’re used to on the television.

Check it out and let me know what YOU think! Click


  1. I agree with your take of the first four episodes. The cameos of Stargate folks (especially David Hewlett) are great — it’s nice to see those folks in different roles. And the background and story have me guessing as to what will come next. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the series. Let’s hope the quality continues to be high!

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