New Amsterdam Rulez…

New AmsterdamHi all…

I have to spout for a bit on New Amsterdam. I’m absolutely loving this show. It’s got it all… Adventure, history, romance, cops-n-robbers, and an immortal in New York. (Not to be convinced with “An Englishman in New York”, which is a great song by Sting.)

If you don’t know anything about the show, check out the cool New Amsterdam Fan site

The first three episodes from this series are smart, tightly written, and a great mix of storytelling and historical fiction.

Episode 1 introduced us to the world of John Amsterdam, an immortal New York City detective who has been in the New York area for 400 years.

Episode 2 introduced us to a bit of Amsterdam’s past and got him closer to meeting his soul mate.

And last night’s episode had Amsterdam meet his soul mate during an investigation only to find the fatal flaw with his plan at the end.

What amazed me last night was that Orlando Jones, who is an amazing comedic actor, played one heck of a serious role as a mentally unbalanced veteran of the war in Afghanistan. I would be surprised if he didn’t get an Emmy nod for that performance.

I’m sad that this show probably won’t make it. It’s smart television, and historically that never does well.

So what did you guys think? Have you seen the show?



  1. I haven’t been watching TV in general, so I haven’t caught this one either. But I’m curious about something. After your first post, you mentioned that you were concerned that John was being too open about being immortal. Is that still the case in this newest episode?

  2. Yes, he’s still flaunting his 400 years. But I think I’ve figured it out. The character believes that he’s just thought of as an exaggerator when it comes to his own life. For example, he might be asked how many girlfriends he’s had… He’d say something like 267. That’s obviously too insane to contemplate, so you just tune it out and say “yeah right, ok — so he’s had a lot”…

    Even with that, this is one of the smarter shows on TV right now. Monday’s episode used Walt Whitman the entire episode and I didn’t catch it until the end. He of course wrote Leaves of Grass… So I love how they’re weaving actual history into the narrative.

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