Mythbusters is back in April 2011 with All New Episodes!

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Yes, you read that correctly. It seems like forever and it’s only been a couple of months, but it’s true! Mythbusters will be back with new episodes starting April 6!

Mythbusters - Jamie & AdamJamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara, and Kary Byron have been entertaining and educating us for years. And the April 6 episode will continue the trend by testing two more common scenarios from action films. Remember Mission Impossible where they used fancy masks to get past security? Well Adam and Jamie try to do the same thing and fool their friends. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang tries to replicate an odd scene from Shoot ’em Up where they see if you can shoot bullets at a merry-go-round to make it go around…

And this is just the beginning of the myths they’re testing! Other myths for the latest round of new episodes include:

  • Can you shoot a dropped gun out of your enemy’s reach?
  • Can you run on water? Adam and Jamie investigate the popular viral video “liquid mountaineering.”
  • Can an everyday item be used as an effective bomb shelter? Tory, Grant and Kari test items like tables and dumpsters — using three pounds of plastic explosive!
  • Is it possible to swim in fizzy water? Yes, this one includes a carbonated swimming pool!
  • Can you split a tree down the middle with a stick of dynamite on a bow and arrow?
  • How much do cliché movie sound effects like punches, cocked guns, rattlesnakes and car squeals, sound like the real thing?
  • Faced with no wind to power your sailboat, can you blow your own sail by putting a fan in the boat? It works for Popeye, but will it work for the MythBusters?
  • Spy car myths: Can you really shoot accurately with guns mounted on the hood of a car? Can you really shred someone’s tires with a device that comes out of your hubs?
  • Can corks in wine bottles be turned into projectiles if exposed to enough pressure?
  • Can you light an underground cavern by positioning metal discs in a reflective pattern and bouncing light from one surface to the next, as seen in the movie The Mummy?
  • Is a long fall into water really as bad as falling onto concrete?

As per usual, it looks like Adam, Jamie, and the gang are going to have a TON of fun as they shred, bomb, and test the heck out of many different things. I’m ready!

Be sure to tune in to Mythbusters on April 6 at 9pm ET/PT!


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