My “Must See Television” Shows of 2008

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Hi all!

So this is a first… I was “tagged” by Trench over at 7 Miles Down to complete this “meme” by the end of the week… and as this is Friday, I’m running out of time! 😉

My three “Must See TV” picks for the season:

1. Fringe

Fringe is JJ Abrams‘ new show on Fox and I have to say I’m hooked. Once again he’s taken an intriguing premise that mixes the modern world with the supernatural (as he did in Alias, which I loved) and then he throws in a solid helping of well defined characters for good measure.

2. Bones

Bones is the perfect mix of mystery and fun. It’s taken over NCIS‘s spot because of the humor and sarcasm, but will most likely stay there if the writing continues to be as strong as it’s been in the first few episodes of the season.

3. Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory is just a hoot. I’m a geek. Not quite as brainy (who is) as the crew on Big Bang, but I lived in a similar situation with a group of less than socially adept individuals (myself included) all through college. We survived, but it’s hilarious to watch these guys stumble along through life!

I’m going to tag… Jean at Sizzling Popcorn, Petra at Lil Blog of Horrors, and Base Guardian over at Superheroes Base.


1. List your ‘Must-see TV shows’ for this season (no minimum, no maximum).
2. Tag as many people as shows you list.

What’s on your ‘Must-see TV’ list this season?

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  1. LOL…you tagged me but I barely watch TV! I saw half of the season premiere of The Office, only because I was home for a bit. My TV watching is mostly consumed with watching the news, DVDs or going to the big screen. By the way, I got a new job yesterday! I’m the new part-time field publicist intern for TVA Films in Halifax. TVA Films is one of Canada’s largest private film distributor. I’ll be at more advance screenings as I will be running them. I have one next Wed night for RELIGULOUS, one of our films. Actually, my next few weeks are packed with films, for both TVA Films and I’ll be seeing PASSCHENDALE (releases Oct. 17th) next Tues morning at a press screening (hopefully get a one-on-one with the director/actor/writer of the film the following week when he’s in the city to promote it), RELIGULOUS on Wed night, BODY OF LIES the following Monday, and much more!

    SizzlingPopcorns last blog post..Celebrities Born On This Day

  2. 🙂 No worries. You do get around! Religulous looks really funny, so I look forward to your review of that. 🙂

    TV comes and goes for me… I’m good about keeping up for a while, and then I start to fade.

    Keep up the great work at Sizzling Popcorn!

  3. Awesome! You were so quick to do the meme 🙂 but how come you didn’t link back to Trench? lol I’m still deciding on Fringe but I like Big Bang Theory, I think Sheldon’s awkward geekiness is just hilarious!

    Thanks for playing along!!

    fragilehearts last blog post..Flickr Friday: Paws up

  4. @fragileheart – I’ve corrected the post to link to the three blogs I memed in response and back to Trench. Good call! Thanks!

  5. Love Bones. But they really should just sleep together already. But for me, I’d have to go with Reaper, TrueBlood, Supernatural, and Greek… but that is 4 so… 🙁

    Petras last blog post..Martain Child

  6. @Petra… I don’t know about Bones & Booth sleeping together. There’s the whole Moonlighting/X-Files curse. The show is too good to nuke for a quickie. 😉

    Supernatural and Reaper are definitely two of our faves too… TrueBlood and Greek we haven’t seen. Too much TV to watch when fall rolls around to keep up with everything. 🙂

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