More Reaper in 2009?

Reaper Poster CWHi all…

I thought I’d check up on one of my favorite television series of last season — Reaper!

Unfortunately, there’s no firm date for it to begin in 2009. Supposedly the order (back in May, 2008) was for 13 episodes and they’d air mid-season sometime. Hopefully if they get viewers (i.e. this means YOU!), we’ll see more episodes on the network.

The good news is that it appears (according to The Reaper Site) that season 2 will include some new faces, including a new stepsister for Sock. That ought to be entertaining. 🙂

So we’ll just have to hope that a) it shows up (fingers crossed!) sometime during the season and 2) it can get some viewers!

For those of you who haven’t seen this hilarious show about a boy whose parents sold his soul to the Devil and now he’s the Devil’s bounty hunter… It appears to be coming to DVD in November. So keep an eye out for the box set!

That’s all for now… Back to your regularly scheduled programming…


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  1. Yeah, there’s at least 3 new faces so far, two long term, and one one-shot that may turn into a long term. We already have some spoilers leaked for episodes 1-3 (they’re filming now), and I don’t mean to spam, but we’re an off-shoot from Television Without Pity, and you can take a look if you are interested in knowing. You don’t have to register. Just make sure you put in the password so that you can see them – it’s right there on the main board.

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