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If you haven’t been able to tell, I watch a fair amount of television. 🙂 This season I’ve become addicted to a new show on FOX called K*Ville. It’s a police drama set in New Orleans post-Katrina with some powerful characters. I think it also does a great job continuing to show the rest of America that New Orleans and many parts of the gulf coast demolished by Katrina are still struggling to come back to life.

There’s a Wikipedia page here about K*Ville to get you up to speed. There you’ll also find a link to the FOX website.

This week’s episode was very powerful and extremely well written. It was about how the ghosts from the past still haunt Anthony Anderson’s character, Marlin Boulet, as his new partner,Trevor Cobb (played by Cole Hauser), gets to know more of his partner’s history.

Most of the episode takes place in a church in New Orleans still recovering from Katrina. Most of the congregation fled and never returned after the storm and the ones that stayed were protected by the priest and have stood by him. When shots are fired inside during a mass, a 911 call is placed by a passerby and Boulet and Cobb respond with other police.

Over the course of the episode, you learn of some of the tragedy that has befallen various members of the congregation and Boulet. The police must discover the truth through the haze of lies and unresolved issues from Boulet’s past.

Amazing acting. Powerful writing. Well constructed visuals. And where else but in New Orleans could you have a foot chase through a cemetery with row after row of above-ground tombs and mausoleums?

I definitely urge you to check it out if you like police dramas. The backdrop of New Orleans gives it a life all its own.

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