Knight Rider and Val Kilmer?

Hey all…

So I have to say I’ve got mixed feelings about this news from Variety saying that Will Arnett will be replaced by Val Kilmer as the voice of the new Ford Mustang KITT in the February 17th Knight Rider television movie on NBC. I liked Arnett. I thought he had the humor necessary to bring off the whole talking car thing, much like William Daniels, who did the voice of the first KITT car back in the 80s.

Can Kilmer cut it? I honestly don’t know. I will be interested to see what he can do.


I am excited to see a beautiful new Ford Cobra Mustang in the role of the KITT car, though I will always be partial to the geeky qualities of the Trans Am from the original series.

But beyond that, I have the sneaking suspicion this movie will be a train wreck. NBC is looking to restart the franchise. And I’m almost hoping this is a one shot that does well, but doesn’t do well enough to spawn a new series.

What do you think? Should Knight Rider be coming back to TV? Are there no new ideas in Hollywood?

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  1. The new KITT looks sweeeeet! Val Kilmer as the voice of KITT, I also don’t know how it will be 😆 Knight Rider as series; well, I dont think it will work, they stoped running the 80’s series before 🙂

  2. Yeah… I’m a big fan of the new Mustangs. It’s a throwback to the old style that I loved growing up. 🙂

    And I agree… Somehow I doubt it’ll take off, but who knows?

    Thanks for the comment!

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