Good news for fans of NBC’s “Chuck”

Hey all…

I was a big fan of Chuck last year, so I’m excited to hear from Hollywood Reporter that it’s been given another order for 9 additional episodes for the season!

According to HR, NBC‘s executives like where the show’s creator (Josh Schwartz) and his team are going with the season, which is great news for all us Chuck fans out there!

I’m also geeked up to see promos for NBC’s series “Life” from last year. (You can read my article about it from last year here.) It was a cop show with a sarcastic streak a mile wide. I can appreciate that. 🙂

So let’s hope that NBC can keep some of these great shows alive through the season. I’m hopeful that Knight Rider won’t be as bad as I think it’s going to be, but who knows…

Are there any shows you’re excited about coming back this year?


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