Farewell to Kelly Bachand on Top Shot!

Hey all…

We’ve been watching Top Shot! on the History Channel since it started a few weeks ago. And at the top of the list of contestants we were rooting for was Kelly Bachand – the youngest competitor in the field. Unfortunately, Kelly was sent home along with Adam Benson this week in the episode “The Shortest Fuse”.

Honestly, I have no idea how the guys were able to shoot that fuse as it scurried across the board to the explosive cap. Not only was it tiny, but it wiggled around!

I’m not a huge weapons guy, but I can appreciate the skill and talent of those who have it. Kelly managed to compete against folks twice his age and come out on top more times than not. So he did an amazing job throughout the competition.

Now we’re cheering for Kelly’s “Red Team” teammate – Peter Palma. Though I have to say there’s a couple of folks at my house rooting for J.J. Racaza too.

Next Sunday is the season finale and we’ll see who, among the 4 competitors left – Peter, J.J., Iain Harrison, and Chris Cerino – walks away with the prize.

Again, best of luck to Kelly in everything he does and hopefully we’ll have another great episode this Sunday! Go Pete!


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