Discovery Channel’s LIFE starts Sunday!

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As a nature documentary junkie, I’m attracted to shiny objects like the ones shown in the Discovery Channel‘s upcoming series – LIFE. This 11-part series premieres on Sunday, March 21st at 8PM ET/PT featuring stunning video and Oprah Winfrey providing the narration.

Here’s an amazing clip of some flying fish!

LIFE comes to us from the makers of Planet Earth, which was amazing.

According to a recent Discovery Channel press release:

Narrated by global media leader and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey and more than four years in the making, the 11-part series LIFE is the definitive exploration of the adaptability and diversity of life on earth, revealing the most spectacular, bizarre and fascinating behaviors that living things have devised to thrive. The premiere episode of LIFE, Challenges of Life, provides an overview and sets the stage for the ambitious series. A special Making Of episode caps the series and tells the incredible stories of the dozens of men and women who spent days, weeks and months patiently waiting for a perfect shot. Other episodes showcase Birds, deep sea marine invertebrates (Creatures of the Deep), Fish, hunting mammals (Hunters and Hunted), Insects, Mammals, Plants, Primates and Reptiles & Amphibians.

Following its premiere across the seven Discovery U.S. networks, LIFE will air in two-episode installments each Sunday on Discovery Channel and Discovery Channel HD from 8-10PM ET, culminating with The Making of LIFE at 10PM ET on April 18.

Tune in to watch these amazing spectacles of nature caught on video. I know I’ll be watching!


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