Congrats to Iain Harrison – the Top Shot 2010 Winner!

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Wow. Talk about a nail biter.

Four contestants – Pete Palma, J.J. Racaza, Chris Cerino, and Iain Harrison – went into the field during the final episode to see who would become the first person to be Top Shot in this new reality competition series. And host Colby Donaldson, Survivor: The Australian Outback runner-up, played host to the entire 10-week series on the HISTORY channel.

We were rooting for Pete, the last member of the Red Team still standing, but it was not to be. Pete went home after being bested with a pistol exhibition. The goal? To knock more targets to your color than your opponent did. And just as quickly as you knock one from Red to Blue, your opponent can shoot it back to Red again.

J.J. beat Chris and Iain beat Pete, which set Pete against Chris to see who would move on. Unfortunately, though Pete looked great early on in the challenge, Chris eventually got the better of him and that was the end. All that remained were Blue Team compatriots to see who would get to the end.

In the next round, J.J., Chris, and Iain were playing almost a game of “HORSE” where the first contestant (drawn randomly) was able to pick a weapon – pistol, rifle, etc. – then pick a target and a distance. If they hit it, they got a point. The contestant with the most points at the end won the round. J.J. got a little cocky and couldn’t deliver when the chips were down – sending Iain and Chris to see who would be the last man standing.

The last round was awesome. The two contestants started at opposite ends of a course laid out from knives to rifles. Each contestant would stay at a station until they hit the target, then move to the next station, repeating the process until they got to the last station to hit distant targets with a rifle.

It was amazing how close Iain and Chris were as they went through the course. Each time you thought one or the other had an advantage, the other would catch up. And in the end it came down to only a round or two difference.

But Iain was the victor! He gets the title of “Top Shot” and the $100,000 prize to do with what he wants.

Honestly, this whole series – from June to this past weekend – was fun to watch. I’m not much of a competition fan – I’ve kind of burned out on shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Hell’s Kitchen. But HISTORY put together a show that was unique in the people it brought together as well as the challenges they were put through.

Congrats to Iain and all the contestants. It was fun to watch and I can’t wait until the next season. Hopefully they’ll bring Iain back to talk to the contestants and have an even more interesting mix of new and historical weapons to challenge the competitors!

For more information about the series, check out the Top Shot website at the HISTORY Channel site.


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