Can New Amsterdam survive the season?

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I had an opportunity the other night to watch the premiere episode of Fox’s new show New Amsterdam. If you haven’t seen the promos, it’s about a New York City detective who is cursed with immortality and has survived 400 years. He will remain immortal until he meets the one whose soul will make his complete — his soul mate if you will.

New AmsterdamHere‘s the IMDB link.

Ever since I saw the promos, I was hooked. I’ve been a fan of the Highlander series for years (the first movie and the TV series anyway), so the concept of immortals wandering the world is an interesting one. I’m glad they dispensed with the hacking off of heads however, as it did get a bit old in the Highlander realm.

It stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Detective John Amsterdam, the main character of the show. I can’t say I’ve seen him in anything but this series, though it appears he’s been in a number of Swedish, Danish, and German television and movie productions. I thought he did a great job with the depth that I would expect an immortal character to have.

A few things I’ll say here… I ready some early reviews of the pilot that indicated that the reviewers thought there was too much backstory in the first episode. That people might get lost with all of these flashbacks from Amsterdam’s past. I disagree. I think they did an amazing job of setting the tone for the show by giving glimpses of his past and his present. One of my favorite elements is his taking old photographs of New York City as it developed from the early 1900s to today. Those photographs tie the series firmly into history, which gives it credibility.

One thing I’m concerned about is that I was shocked at how freely he hinted at his immortality. He was dropping suggestions and innuendos everywhere, which I would think would get him in trouble. If he was ever found out, he’d be poked, prodded, and kept under lock and key until folks discovered his secrets. So how’d he survive 400 years being as open as he appears in the pilot?

That said… I absolutely loved the show. It was smart. And that’s why I’m worried. In my opinion, smart shows rarely last long. People want to be entertained, not to have to think. And this stimulated more than a few thoughts in my brain.

I hope it survives. It appears (according to IMDB) that they’ve only filmed 6 episodes. So we’ll see how it does with those.

I look forward to catching the next episode later this week and then again next week at its usual time.

Did anyone else catch it? What did you think?



  1. Unfortunately, I have not yet seen any of this show – but I really do want to!!! I am looking forward to my first exposure. In all, it seems quite creative and smart. Thank you for posting the link!

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