Big Bang Theory Explodes With Amazing Writing!

Hey all…

Yes, I’m a Big Bang Theory Fan. And though my loving wife believes she’s figured out which of the geeks I most resemble (Sheldon), I tend to disagree and think of myself more as Sheldon. 🙂

The basic premise is that a pair of brilliant geeks (Leonard played by Johnny Galecki of Roseanne fame and Sheldon played by Jim Parsons who is an amazing straight man) live together in an apartment and have a new girl – Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco of 8 Simple Rules fame) – moves in across the hall and throws their lives into chaos. The cast is rounded out by Leondard and Sheldon’s friends Wolowitz (played to the teeth by Simon Helberg) and Koothrappali (also played to the teeth by Kunal Nayyar). Koothrappali can’t talk to women (unless inebriated) and Wolowitz thinks he’s a gift to women everywhere.

Written by the same folks who brought us Two and a Half Men (another favorite of ours), the writing of Big Bang Theory is amazingly tight. The quips and science are dead on and it’s amusing to watch the ensuing chaos of geeks with no social skills being thrown headlong into social situations.

What’s funny to me is — this group of geeks reminds me way too much of my days in college… I lived in an apartment below a Wolowitz and a Koothrappali for a lot of it. And though I’m loathe to admit it, I think my wife might be right and I might have been the Sheldon to my roommate’s Leonard.

As I said — the writing is amazing. And I hope the strike or a lack of viewers (I suspect that much of the dialog goes over a lot of folks heads) doesn’t kill the show, but well written, smart shows don’t seem to last long unless they’re medical dramas. Smart sitcoms just don’t do well.

Anyway… We love this show and want it to continue… Please give it a shot!



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