American Idol Says Goodbye to Drama Queen Tatiana

Hey all…

In a move that somehow to me seems late in coming, the public declared that Tatiana would not be one of the top 12 contestants on American Idol season 8. With 24 million votes, the voting populace did something the judges couldn’t quite bring themselves to do — kick Tatiana out.

Now I do have to say she sang pretty well the other night. Probably one of the top 4 singers IMHO. But

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Danny definitely deserves the shot over Tatiana. I didn’t think his song was as amazing as the judges thought, but it was good. Had to agree with Simon there.

And I wasn’t shocked at all that Alexis Grace made it through. Hers was the best performance of Tuesday night, and she only embellished a bit when she performed on Wednesday.

The only surprise was that Michael Sharver made it through. I was NOT impressed by his performance Tuesday night, nor the repeat last night. He’s a likeable guy, so I think it was a case where personality beat talent. And that’s ok. I just hope he improves a bit or picks more soulful songs in the future.

Now… That said, the one screaming disappointment was the duet between Carly Smithson and Michael Johns from last season. Wow. It wasn’t good. And we liked both of them last season… What happened? On top of that, the whole story of Carly losing her luggage with her “hair extensions” was just creepy…

Well, we’ll see if the next batch of semifinalists can do any better… Kris Allen, Matt Breitzke, Megan Joy Corkrey, Matt Giraud, Mishavonna Henson, Allison Iraheta, Kai Kalama, Adam Lambert, Jesse Langseth, Nick Mitchell, Jasmine Murray and Jeanine Vailes.

I’m guessing it’ll be another mixed bag. Guess we’ll see!


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  1. I’ll admit Tatiana is/was VERY annoying but she brought drama to the show; I thought she sang pretty good on Tuesday! Danny is a nice guy but i don’t think he was good enough to stay on the show. However last night it seemed as if she took a sedative but ended up breaking down at the end. That having been said, I was sooo glad Alexis made it thorough, it was no surprise but you never know when America votes… I can’t believe the show has been on for 8 years now, I feel so old!

  2. @Marc – Yeah… I was expecting the insane Tatiana from Hollywood Week and got… well, not much really. She just melted down.

    @Tina — It’s always a crap shoot when the public votes. I’m always entertained by who stays/who goes. And we get a whole new batch to root for or boo next week! Must be American Idol Season again!

    And yeah… 8 years. Hard to believe!

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