American Idol has been weird in Season 9

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As I sit here watching the broadcast of American Idol where they send home one of the 11 contestants left, I have to reflect a bit on the weirdness for me this season.

Live music is strange on TV. Even though I know it’s not really live by the time we see it in Colorado (I’m actually in California on a business trip now and it’s not live here either), it’s live enough you get to see the flaws and strengths of these young folks (some 20+ years my junior). And though I like them all as people, it’s been extremely hit and miss. You expect that. It’s part of the process. It’s a trial by fire.

But some of the acts they’ve had perform in the results shows have not been my favorites and really haven’t sounded all that great. I know it’s a shock that a 39 year old married guy with two kids isn’t a Miley Cyrus, or Joe Jonas fan… [gasp]

I just don’t get the direction this season has gone. Paige has left the building. Tim Urban and Katie Stevens seem like nice folks, but neither has blown me away in recent weeks. Even Andrew Garcia has managed to underwhelm me.

I really do like Michael Lynche, Casey James, and Crystal Bowersox. Crystal is the clear favorite to win according to a quick poll at my house. There’s just something about her that rocks. Casey plays a mean blues guitar and I want to hear more. And I don’t think Big Mike has to worry about singing for his supper any time soon – he’s got a career coming. But I think Crystal will win it all.

Next week’s mentor is Usher… Should be another interesting week for song choices.

Anyway… Any thoughts? Predictions? Gripes?


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