American Idol… Guys or Gals?

Hey all…

I have to weigh in on this whole American Idol thing. I wasn’t addicted for the first few seasons, but for the last 3, I’ve been hooked like a good portion of the American television viewing public I’m afraid. As much for the train wrecks as the good stuff I guess.

American IdolBut this week’s guys vs. gals shows left me a bit bewildered. The guys were pretty good — 4 or 5 of them I liked. The girls last night were horrific. Only maybe 3 of them I really liked.

I’m guessing it’s just nerves. But I really don’t know. (Though I’ve performed on stage, it was in high school band and a long time ago at that.)

What do you guys think? Will the results show prove anything beyond that two girls and two guys are leaving? Will we at least leave the 60s behind? No more leisure suits please!


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