American Idol Continues to Amaze with Bad Choices

Hey all…

I’m an American Idol fan. Everyone at my house is. From the bad auditions to the ever improving (hopefully) performances every week, it’s an interesting exercise in the pop music machine. Sometimes the performances are even surprising — like last year’s battle of the Davids (Archuleta & Cook). 

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That said, last night’s two hour bonanza of questionable choices… 

Why in the heck would anyone choose Tatiana? Her antics during the initial few episodes of the season made me hit mute nearly each time I saw her on screen. And when the judges announced she was through — I turned off the TV. (Yes, I have Tivo and it was recording the episode, but it was all I could handle at that point.)

Danny’s friend was another unfortunate individual run over during the episode. He deserved to get through. 

But drama boy Nathaniel didn’t. His antics were another reason to simply turn the television off. 

The only decent thing was letting the two big guys through – Michael Sharver and Matt Breitzke. That was nice to see. We like them both. 

So the 36 folks have been chosen for the season to start… We know some of them, but not all, but I can talk a bit about the early favorites at my house.

On the guys’ side, we like the big guys of course, and Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud (dueling pianos are cool), and Scott MacIntyre, the talented blind guy from Scottsdale that we’ve been rooting for from the beginning. We’ll see if any/all of them continue to the end of the season. 

On the girls’ side, we don’t have a ton of favorites – Lil Rounds for sure, but hopefully others of the girls will stand out in the first few weeks. 

Any of you have any favorites? It’ll be interesting going forward. 

I’m just annoyed that the judges were leaning heavily on looks during this early phase. Shouldn’t talent be the major factor? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. I have been a loyal fan of American Idol since the shaow first started. I must say after last night I will no longer watch the show. The producers have managed to turn the show into a show about washed up dramma actors and comedy hacks instead of of a true singing competion. If i wantd to watch a modren day version of the gong show I would watch NBCs Americas got Talent at least that show knows its true identey. Unlike American Idol and its newst choices Norman and Tateana.
    I will not be watching the show while they are on it. It is clear they went for drama and not true singing talent this year. I hope others will to. This very well could be AIs last year.

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