Video Teaser: Once Upon a Time (ABC) Season Two

I’ll admit I’ve been intrigued by ABC’s Once Upon a Time. There’s something about how the writers of Lost have managed to twist these classic fairy tales into the modern world that has kept my attention. It doesn’t hurt that it’s been fun to watch with the whole family.

After how they left it at the end of Season One, we’ve all been curious how things are going to progress with (SPOILER ALERT) magic flowing back into the world…

Well, here’s a teaser of who might be the big baddie this time around. And though I’m hesitant to believe that they can bring the good Captain into the world in a believable manner… I’ll still be watching in the Fall…

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Trailer Time: Ice Age 4: Continental Drift – Teaser

Hi again…

Some days you just need a little Scrat time. That’s right, the prehistoric saber-toothed squirrel is back providing a glimpse of the next Ice Age movie from Blue Sky Studios. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift is slated to hit theaters in July 2012. It’ll be a long eighteen months!

Scrat is after his favorite thing in the whole world – the acorn – once again. And this time he goes all the way to the center of the Earth! Of course that can’t go well!

Here’s the teaser… Enjoy!


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