Trailer Time: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night – April 29, 2011

How is it that a) I’ve never heard of Dylan Dog, which seems to be based on a comic book and b) I’d never seen anything on this film? The Dylan Dog film looks funny and dark so why have they kept it under wraps until now?

Starring Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), Sam Huntington (Syfy’s Being Human, Superman Returns), and Anita Briem (The Tudors, Journey to the Center of the Earth), this looks like a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Shaun of the Dead. And honestly, I’m on board!

DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT is a new horror/comedy film based on one of the world’s most popular comics (60 million copies worldwide). Brandon Routh stars as Dylan Dog, world famous private investigator specializing in affairs of the undead. His PI business card reads “No Pulse? No Problem.” Armed with an edgy wit and carrying an arsenal of silver and wood-tipped bullets, Dylan must track down a dangerous artifact before a war ensues between his werewolf, vampire and zombie clients living undercover in the monster infested backstreets of New Orleans.

Question: What do you think? Have you read the comic? What do you think of the trailer? Will you see the film?


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DVD Review: 21

A blackjack game in progressImage via Wikipedia

Hi all…

Thought I’d catch up on a couple of DVDs I’ve seen recently. The first was 21, starring Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth.

The movie is based on a true story about six MIT students who became card counting Blackjack experts and took Las Vegas by storm, winning millions in the process. Jim Surgess played Ben Campbell, a MIT student struggling to find the money to get into Harvard Med. And Kate Bosworth played Jill Taylor, another MIT student (of what was never clear). Kevin Spacey played the ring leader Professor Micky Rosa, who taught the card counting scheme and recruited the students.

From the get-go, this was interesting, but seemed to drag. It took us a couple of nights to get through watching 20 minutes to an hour each time. The movie itself was 123 minutes long, but seemed a lot longer in spots.


The story, though the characters and situations are different, is pretty basic stuff. Student gets seduced by the dark side, encounters an immovable object, and sacrifices the teacher to escape the situation.

One thing the movie did was show me that I can teach some basic math to my 2nd grader by playing Blackjack. 🙂

But beyond that, it was just ok. Didn’t really suck me in much. It proved that Kate Bosworth was still cute (I think I last saw her as Lois Lane in Superman Returns, where she looked way too young for the role – at least she sort of fits the role of student age-wise). And it proved that Jim Sturgess can act in different ways (I really liked him as Jude in Across the Universe).

So I can only give this 2.5/4. It just didn’t keep me engaged for some reason.

What did you guys think?


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Superman Reboot a la Batman Begins?

SupermanImage via Wikipedia

Hey all…

The web is abuzz this weekend about a Warner Brothers plot to reboot Superman (again) even in the wake of the failed Superman Returns. WB wants to mimic with DC heroes what Marvel has done with its properties.

So over the next few years, we’re looking at another Batman movie (with or without Christopher Nolan, preferably with), a Superman reboot, and two other DC heroes plucked from the pages. Once they’ve got their individual movies wrapped, a Justice League movie won’t be too far out on the horizon.

Does this make sense? Sure. I can see a Superman movie with a darker tinge of blue, but it would be a tough sell. Superman is a larger than life Boy Scout (no offense to the Boy Scouts). How will they make his character darker?

Now… I can see taking a new Clark Kent/Superman character in the classic vein of superheroes and rebooting the villains. If you take Smallville (shudder), they rebooted classic Superman villains such as Lex Luthor and Brainiac. But there are so many others to choose from (take this list on Wikipedia for starters), I don’t know where they’d start.

If it’s a true reboot, I think they’d have to start with Lex Luthor. He’s THE epitome of Superman villains, much like the Joker is the pinnacle of all Batman villains (at least in my book). A Lex luthor in the time of terrorists, Russian plots to retake old states, and a nuclear Iran would be scary. Capitalism with flexible morality. Why the heck not?

So if they go that route, who would they choose to go along with Batman & Superman in the League? Aquaman, ruler of the deep, might provide an environmental angle, as might Wonder Woman. Green Arrow was always one of my faves, but he’s a bit too similar to the Batman mold. Maybe the Flash would be an interesting character to update.

Marvel has Iron Man 2 on the horizon for 2010, with Ant-Man, Thor, Nick Fury, and Captain America being bandied about. So an Avengers project is out there for all to see… Wolverine is coming next year, with rumors of a Magneto movie.

With this resurgence of interest in comic book heroes, I think that geeks may be the ultimate winners. And as a geek, I have to say “huzzah!”

It’s good to be a geek. 🙂


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