Infographic: How much do college textbooks cost and how much would open alternatives save students?

Hi again…

I remember spending a bundle of money every semester I was in school and then getting back very little at the end when trying to sell back those same books. An estimated $900 per semester in books alone is insane as the cost of higher education continues to rise year after year…

This infographic offers some numbers about alternative approaches and the amazing savings of open source college textbooks

Open Source Textbooks


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Infographic: Deals!

A good deal used to be hard to come by… Now there are multiple sites competing for your deal dollars!
Deals, Deals, Deals... and More Deals

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Contests around the ‘net – December 9, 2010

Hi all!

Though I have a contest running through Sunday, December 12th myself for a set of autographed books from the Girls Know How series – I wanted to highlight a few other contests around the net!

  • Orbit Books has a contest for a set of three books from author Rachel Neumeier. Check it out HERE.
  • Patrick at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is giving away three copies of Susan Griffith’s Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar, which has a very cool Steampunk cover. Check it out HERE.
  • SciFiChick is giving away a free movie pass to see a sneak preview of Tron: Legacy if you live in Indianapolis. Check it out HERE, but be quick – entries have to be in by midnight December 10th!
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