Review: Bug was Ugh

Ashley JuddImage via WikipediaHi all…

Ok, I’ve hit a first. I found a movie that had no redeeming features. None. Well, ok. Maybe that’s a bit harsh. There was acting. But I couldn’t tell you why.


Bug stars Ashley Judd as a waitress in a bar in a small town. She has an ex who beats her (Harry Connick Jr.) and some friends. And a new male friend (Michael Shannon) who is obsessed with bugs.

Here‘s the IMDB link.

This movie is one hour and 42 minutes long. We made it through 42 minutes before my wife and I decided to cut our losses. The point of no return was the love scene that ended with an image of a praying mantis. And then a search for bedbugs, which the crazy guy thought were aphids (or plant lice as he put it).

It’s funny that even with Ashley Judd, who I think is a good actress and enjoyable to watch on screen, this movie didn’t do anything for me.

This movie gets 0 out of 4. It was even worse than Superbad. I have to come up with a whole new category for 0/4 movies. I’m thinking “Fertilizer” or “Manure” or just plain “Dirt”.

However, the movie did force me to consider the various elements of a movie that I look at to determine if it’s worth watching or worth continuing to watch. That will be a new post I write up very soon.

Until next time… Watch some movies!

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Hitman misses the mark by a longshot…

Hitman logoImage via Wikipedia

Hey all…

I recently had the opportunity to watch Hitman on DVD, as it just came out recently. I knew it was a train wreck from all the horrid reviews that had come out when it was in the theater, but like a rubber necker on the highway passing a horrific accident, I just had to look for myself…

And yeah, it was pretty bad.


Here‘s the IMDB link.

I mean, I like Tim Olyphant, who played the title character (Agent 47), but even he and the smokin’ hot Olga Kurlyenko (she’s also a new Bond girl in the Quantum of Solace coming out later this year) couldn’t save this flick!

Olga Kurylenko in Hitman

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Superbad was… super bad!

Superbad (film)Image via Wikipedia

Hey all…

Ok, usually I’m pretty open about movies. I’ll try to give it a watch and 99 out of 100 times, I’ll make it to the end. I found my 100th candidate that I couldn’t get through last night while trying to watch Superbad.

How to describe Superbad? I’d say it was immature, raunchy, racy, unnecessary, and generally a waste of movie stock. Even the bloopers reel didn’t have much to make me laugh.


Here’s the IMDB link:

Maybe I’m just getting old, but this movie did so little for me, I turned it off after a mere 20 minutes. Swearing is one thing, but the constant sex talk just did nothing for me. Evidently a lot of folks like the movie though, so to each their own.

I remember the Porky’s series from when I was younger and that was raunchy, but fun. So I don’t know why I had such a negative reaction to this one.

I’m giving this movie 1 star out of 4 to be nice. I don’t think I can give zero stars.

Am I being too harsh? Let me know…


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