Donny Osmond thinks American Idol season 10 is unimproved…

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It’s Wednesday, which means we’re due for the next installment of singers both fair and horrible on American Idol Season 10 with Randy, J.Lo, and Steven Tyler. And as I talked about last week, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hate the new judge format like I thought I would.

That said, the changes have not come without a few critical remarks from others… I just saw this press release today:

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The Longtime Entertainer Comments On His Disappointment Of American Idol‘s Tenth Season Premiere On His Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

Donny Osmond dished his thoughts about the new and, according to Osmond, ‘unimproved’ American Idol on his nationally syndicated radio show, The Donny Osmond Show, after the January 20 Season 10 premiere on Fox.

Here’s what the notable entertainer had to say: “It’s Donny Osmond and Season 10 of American Idol kicked off last night. Lots of pressure for the show, and a lot to prove. OK, look, let me say this, AI first and foremost is a television program. It is not reality. It is packaged for entertainment.”

Osmond continues, “Now, the first rule of entertainment is there has to be some kind of conflict. Conflict is what makes it interesting. I’m sorry, but without Simon Cowell, there is no conflict. With Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, you have three white hats and no villain. It just doesn’t work! There were lots of “I’m sorries” and “you are so sweet” and “I really like you”…no way. Simon Cowell is sorely missed, and if last night was any indication, Season 10 will be the final season of AI. That’s just my opinion, and I know that if I was at the judge’s table I would find it hard to reject people…but I’m not. Yes, it’s great to have two genuine superstars and an industry veteran at the table, but, there is no bad guy. There is no spark. There is no conflict. It’s been fun, American Idol, but it’s time to say ‘see ya!”


The Donny Osmond Show (McVay Syndication) is heard on more than 100 radio stations in North America, Australia and the UK.

And here’s the thing. I certainly see Donny’s point. As he says, there has to be some conflict for something to be truly entertaining. But in my opinion, the conflict doesn’t have to be harsh. Why can’t they continue to let down potential contestants kindly on Idol and let the fans offer their $0.02 online and the pundits on other shows? The bashing doesn’t have to stop – I just guess that it will move to other venues.

Quite honestly, I can’t believe that they’ve shoved as many folks through to Hollywood as they have already. Some of them have been whiny, no-talent hacks with unrealistic expectations. A few have been quite talented and yet humble at the same time – those are the ones I root for.

I think the conflict will come in Hollywood. There will be a huge reckoning and 95% of everybody who goes will end up being cut as they are compared against each other and not simply auditioning for the judges. That will be an interesting weeding out process.

But so far I can’t say I miss Simon’s smug mug at all.

How do you feel the season is going so far? Any opinions on the judges or the auditions? Curious minds want to know!


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DVD Review: Jim Henson’s Animal Show with Stinky and Jake: Lions, Tigers, and Bears

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Evidently I was too focused on being an adult in the mid-1990s because I missed a number of fun kid’s shows. I’d never heard of Jim Henson’s Animal Show before, but evidently it aired Seasons 1 and 2 on Fox Kids from 1994-1996 and had a third season on Animal Planet in 1997. I suppose I shouldn’t be too shocked, considering that my eldest daughter wasn’t born until 2001, so I really didn’t have a reason to watch fuzzy Muppets talk about animals!

The Animal Show, hosted by Stinky the skunk and Jake the polar bear, focused on one or two animals per episode in a talk-show format. Stinky and Jake would interview their Muppet-ized guests and then show video clips of the actual animals in the wild. The hosts were assisted by co-hosts Armstrong the chicken hawk and Ollie the tapir (later replaced by Bunnie Bear, a distant cousin to Jake), who had their own segments of the show – “That’s Amazing,” “Animal Awards,” and “Habitat Time.” And then Tizzy the bee for the episode’s quiz and Yves St. La Roache the cockroach who hosted a cooking-show segment.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears includes five different episodes of the series – “Zebra & Lion,” “Tiger & Tiger Beetle,” “Raccoon & Polar Bear,” “Grizzly Bear & Hedgehog,” and “Chimpanzee & Hyena.” All but “Chimpanzee & Hyena” were from the first season of the show.

Watching with my family, we were entertained by every episode. Each episode was structured in roughly the same way, providing a consistent pattern for learning by the kids watching. And sometimes we even learned something! The silly songs, fun characters, and important lessons about animals, their habitats, and the environment is timeless.

As parents, my wife and I were most entertained by Armstrong and Yves St. La Roache. Armstrong’s dry wit and reluctance to try new things really resonated with me, as I tend to be the same way. And La Roache reminded us fondly of the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show. It seems it’s tough to be a cockroach and get taken seriously as a chef. But somehow La Roache manages to pull it off with humor. We were both wondering if they ran out of budget for cute and cuddly animals for the “Chimpanzee & Hyena” episode because both Muppets were so ugly. But overall each episode achieved a good balance between humor and education without going overboard on either.

When it was airing, the TV series received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Children’s Series/Children’s Programming and received a “Parent’s Choice National Television Award,” as well as receiving an endorsement from the National Education Association (NEA). Though the video clips are a bit outdated as far as quality goes, the show footage with the Muppets is crisp and clear. And the content is just as relevant now for kids as it was 15 years ago.

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to spend a couple of hours with your kids, look for Jim Henson’s Animal Show with Stinky and Jake: Lions, Tigers, and Bears on DVD at your favorite retailer online or off. Hopefully they will be releasing all three seasons of Jim Henson’s Animal Show with Stinky and Jake on DVD soon!

For more information about this and other Jim Henson productions, check out their website at

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p.s. Pick up this and other great DVDs from Barnes & Noble below!

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Extended Trailer Time: The Losers looks HOT!

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Yes, I’ll admit it. Zoe Saldana is hot. But what’s hotter than that is The Losers that looks like it could kick some A-Team butt at the box office.

Check it out:

The Losers Exclusive

Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video

What do you think? Explosions… Gunfire… Wise-ass remarks. Zoe Saldana. It’s a perfect movie. 🙂 Ok, maybe not perfect – but fun I hope. Lots and lots of fun!


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