Threadbare? No… Threadless!

Hey all…

I’m a prolific t-shirt wearer, and that’s what got me started designing some of my own wacky t-shirts and putting them up on Cafepress to sell. But I stumbled on another place to find some awesome t-shirts and a community that allows you to vote on which designs you like and would like to see made into tee’s.

It’s called Threadless and they have a website here:

Threadless Logo

What’s cool is you get to see all the 100s of designs available and then vote them up or down on a scale from 1-5. I found this great shirt in a post on Gizmodo here:

Star Wars T-shirt

I’m a Star Wars geek, what can I say?

Anyway, I’m considering submitting some of my own designs to the mix to see what shakes out.

Let me know if you find anything cool — I’ll make a post of some of my and my readers’ favorite designs!


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