Rockies in the NLCS and the Donkeys

Hi all…

I have to share my amusing observation of the morning… We drive by a church every morning we drop our youngest at daycare, and they change their message every few days on their billboard to something witty.

Well… With the Rockies making it into the NLCS playoffs against the Diamondbacks this week… We saw this message this morning:

God cursed the Snakes. Go Rockies!

It made me laugh. I mean… After living in AZ for a while, we were rooting for the D-backs and now we can root for both teams in the playoffs… But for a church to jump in and claim that the Rockies will win because Snakes were damned… That’s just a bit much. 🙂

Beyond that… I have to say I’m very disappointed in the Donkeys (aka the Broncos) this year… They had so much potential… Somehow they’ve failed to follow through. I turned off the game Sunday a little after halftime… Why watch a rout? Ugh.

Now if the Avalanche can just get their act together…

Anyway… Hope everyone had a great weekend. Go Rockies — or Diamondbacks — I can simply hope for both teams to do well!


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