Mighty Rockies Falling?

Hi all…

So once again, the Boston Red Sox beat the Rockies in the Series. This was a better game than Wednesday — only 2-1 instead of 13-not enough — but did it seem to anybody else that the Rockies’ bats were swinging in slow-mo? And so many swings were SOOOOO close — off by a matter of millimeters… And yet nobody could make the adjustment and connect. Watching the 8th and 9th innings I was yelling (inside) at the fates, the gods, at whomever would hear — Just get one homer to tie the game!

We can only hope that the thin air of Denver meets a fired up Rockies offense. Their defense seems to have revived a bit as of last night, but you can’t win games without scoring runs.

So let us hope that the baseball gods have it in their hearts to let the Rockies come back in the series, or you will hear the wind get stolen from Colorado fans across the nation.

Let’s fire up! Fire up big team, fire up! Saturday is a’comin’… and let’s hope the Rockies’ big bats will come to the rescue!

Until next time…

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