Go Rockies!

Hey all…

Ok, is this getting weird or what… The Rockies are on one heck of a streak of wins… I think I heard 20 of the last 21 games they’ve won. Will tonight be the nail in the coffin for the Diamondbacks? Will Todd Helton finally make it to the World Series?

I wish I was more of a baseball fan, but I have to say that I have been rooting on the home team in their quest for the World Series… It’s amazing the level of play they’ve been at. Last night had some offense, but was mostly about great defense on the part of the in and outfield for the Rockies…

Who’d ‘a’ thunk it!?!



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  1. So here’s my two cents…

    One, with the Yankees eliminated, I’ll root for the home team at this point. However, when/if the Rockies make the World Series, they are going to have their work cut out from them. The AL teams seem to be stronger than the NL teams this year.

    Granted, that could easily amount to nothing.

    The other thing that I worry about is, that the Rockies’ ownership has been classically underspending (compared to the rest of the league) for a while now, and if they reap success (which they have) without coming close to the median payroll of baseball, what are the odds that they will decide to spend on the team now?

    I’m not saying that the rampant spending in sports is a good thing, but I would rather not have to wait for the bolt of amazing luck to get anywhere in a season.

  2. Picky picky picky… ALCS, NLCS… SBTBS (Some baseball team BS) — it’s all one big league competing for a fictional “World” title. 🙂

    That said — I’m still cheering on the home team. I would’ve cheered on the D-backs also. But I’m happy to cheer on whomever wins this battle and then heads into the next round…

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